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Meet Yanique Olis: The Golden Muse of "Garden Party Club"

Meet Yanique Olis: The Golden Muse of "Garden Party Club"

In our captivating "Garden Party Club" campaign by HoneySpice, we had the privilege of working with Yanique Olis, a remarkable dancer whose professional background with the Las Vegas Golden Knights and her stunning, dynamic presence left an indelible mark on our latest visual release.


Yanique's journey, intertwined with the dynamic world of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, adds a touch of glamour and precision to her resume. Her experiences in this high-energy environment provided a unique perspective that elevated our project. As a dancer and model, Yanique's striking and captivating presence added an enchanting dimension to the "Garden Party Club."


What truly sets Yanique apart is her gentle personality and unwavering conviction as a dancer and model. Her dynamic work ethic and deep commitment to her craft were evident in every graceful movement and elegant pose. Her dedication was further exemplified when she wrapped an essay during our makeup call time on set day, showcasing her profound dedication to the project.


As we celebrate the success of our campaign, we want to extend our sweetest gratitude to Yanique Olis. Her performance was not just dance and modeling; it was a work of art that resonated throughout the "Garden Party Club." Yanique, your talent, gentle spirit, and incredible work ethic have enriched our project, we are profoundly thankful.

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