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Meet Goldie: The Creative Force Behind "Garden Party Club"

Meet Goldie: The Creative Force Behind "Garden Party Club"

In the heart of our enchanting "Garden Party Club" campaign by HoneySpice, we have Goldie, a visionary project designer who directed and designed our latest visual and product release. Goldie's journey is an inspiring fusion of professional fashion and design coordination in the Las Vegas community, coupled with her deep-rooted passion for dance and a tireless dedication to Honeyspice over eight incredible years.


Goldie's extensive experience as a fashion and design coordinator in Las Vegas is a testament to her creative prowess. Her ability to blend art and fashion, coupled with her history as a dancer, offered a unique perspective that enriched our project. Her expertise extended beyond aesthetics, touching the soul of the "Garden Party Club."


What truly sets Goldie apart is her consistent commitment to Honeyspice over the years. Her unwavering dedication paved the way for her to design a campaign that transcends mere clothing, cost, or imagery. "Garden Party Club" is a testament to her vision – a creation that's not just about the external, but also about fostering a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community.


As we celebrate the success of our campaign, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Goldie. Her leadership, creative genius, and unrelenting dedication have brought the "Garden Party Club" to life in a way that goes beyond words. Goldie, your vision and passion have created something truly magical, and for that, we are immeasurably thankful.

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