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The Disco Room

The Disco Room

"The Disco Room is a 2,000 square foot immersive photo installation designed to increase pose versatility and provide endless options for iconic photos and videos, unlike anything or anyone else's, every time.  Dreamy and glimmering on its own, the Disco Room includes multiple multifaceted, moveable art props: Disco Lady - a full size disco tiled mannequin art piece complete with a disco ball head,  The DiscoBall Machine - a silver repurposed GumBall Wizard machine decked out with disco tiles and filled with various sized disco balls.  There is also a clear inflatable FUNBOY lounger and a moveable disco ball rack with four medium balls attached.Create your wildest disco dreams in the Disco Room, now opened for a very limited time."

 The Disco Room was an installation designed by HoneySpice that was available February and March 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was rented out for various projects and shoots, including Camryn Levert's "Motion" music video and a photo shoot for model and makeup artist ZoCakes. 

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